As your needs and the needs of your family change – your home will need to change as well.

Remodeling is the affordable way to allow your living space to accommodate your changing needs. Our professional re-modelers at Doppler Construction Inc. specialize in all types of room additions, along with Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling. The variety of services Doppler Construction Inc. performs includes Windows, new construction (Wood Interior ) or vinyl replacements, decks and covered porches, Vinyl Patio rooms (3 or 4 season) and a variety of many other home repairs.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can not only improve the useability of your home but can also improve the overall home value. When you add to the space that exists inside your home it becomes more of a relaxing space for you. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the two areas in the home where your home typically requires improvement. The are also the areas of the home that are used most frequently and that have the most traffic. When you make them more useable, you’re not only adding to the value of the home overall but you are adding to its value to you, the family who occupies it.

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Transforming Your Backyard Deck into Private Outdoor Getaway

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Vacation in Your Own Back Yard
 If you’re a homeowner who wants more outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment, building a backyard deck is one practical way to add square foot to your home. Decks are becoming a huge trend, creating …

Choosing a Construction Company

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There are many reasons you might want to get a construction company in to work on your home. You could be undertaking a remodeling project to change the internal layout, or to modernize the interior. Maybe your family has grown …


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Why Sunrooms are great
A sunroom is a structure usually constructed on a side or area of a home that can be repurpose into a place of relaxation and enjoyment of the surrounding landscape while being protected from bad weather conditions …

6 Tips for a Successful Remodeling Project

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6 Tips for a Successful Remodeling Project
Remodeling is a great way to beautify a home and increase its selling value. Remodeling can also help in increasing the home’s functionality, durability and comfort for its occupants. This is not just limited …

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